The Vision

The vision of the School Of Ministry is to prepare believers to further the mission of the church.



The mission of the School Of Ministry is to equip the laypeople of the church through a formal course of study to enter positions of ministry in their home churches or in new church plants throughout Kitsap County.



The program requires 90 minutes of class time one night per week, two to four hours of homework per week, and one to two hours of practical service per week. The School Of Ministry will provide approximately 21 months of personal discipleship training.

The Reason

There is a great need for Christ-like leaders. Jesus spent time with the disciples and put them in situations where they had to apply what they were learning. The disciples learned from Jesus' teaching and example, and sought to replicate His ministry as they followed him.

This is our model for ministry. 

We would love to meet you!

If you have any questions or would like to sit in on one of our classes, feel free to contact us!