Welcome to the Kitsap School of Ministry

The Kitsap School of Ministry is a 21 month program designed to train and equip people just like you through personal discipleship, study, and practical experienceOver the course of this program, students will learn from over a dozen instructors and will have the opportunity to start a ministry that they feel passionate about, or enhance and maintain a ministry in which they are already involved. The program requires 90 minutes of weekly class time, about two to three hours of homework, and one to two hours of service in one's home church per week. At the end of the program, students will earn a certificate of completion, but most importantly, they will have the tools that they need in order to better serve God in whatever area that he has called them.

Classes start in August of 2020. Apply today!

Enrichment Program

Not ready to commit two years to the Kitsap School of Ministry but want to dive a little bit deeper in your understanding of different topics? Then our continuing education program is for you!

The vision of the Kitsap School of Ministry is to “prepare believers to further the mission of the church.” While we fully believe in our program in its entirety, however we realize that two years is quite a big commitment and not accessible to some people. This is why we are excited to introduce our Continuing Education Program*. In this program, individuals are allowed to take any to two courses that they choose out of our entire course catalogue. An added bonus is that these two classes can be used towards obtaining your certificate if you decide to complete the full program! 

If you are interested, please check out our course catalogue and download this short application to join in on a couple of our classes.

*Fees for each course are dependent upon its length