Course Catalogue

The Kitsap School of Ministry is committed to offering students a wide variety of ministry related courses that will equip and strengthen students in their ability to serve Christ and be a blessing to the community. Each course is several weeks long and is taught by a different instructor. Students will complete all courses before completing the program, with the goal of having well-rounded ministry training.

  • Spring 2021 Course List:

    Worship (February 11-25)

    Instructor: Brandon Bee


    Spiritual Formation and the Leader's Time (March 4-25 and April 15-29)

    Instructor: Dr. Valerie Clemen


    Inductive Bible Study and Teaching (May 6-27)

    Instructor: TBD

Upcoming Courses:

Church History

Instructor: Josh Lott, Kitsap School of Ministry


Instructor: Mike Best, GracePoint Church

Leader's Time/Spiritual Formation

Instructor: Dr. Valerie Clemen, Multnomah University

Teaching the Bible

Instructor: TBD

Defending the Faith

Instructor: Phil Fernandes, Lead Pastor at Trinity Bible Fellowship

Summer Practicum

Instructors: Peter Bertella, Head Program Manager at Salesforce & Andrea Corbridge, Director of Operations at City Chapel

Ministry and People pt. 1 (Counseling)

Instructor: Amanda Harmon, LMHC

Ministry and People pt. 2 (Pastoral Ministry)

Instructor: Pastor Peter Voorhees, Lead Pastor at City Chapel

Planning and Vision

Instructor: Pastor Peter Voorhees, Lead Pastor at City Chapel

Systematic Theology

Instructor: Josh Kluth, Associate Pastor at Peninsula Bible Fellowship


Instructor: Kyle Donn, Associate Pastor at Peninsula Bible Fellowship

Equipping and Evangelism

Instructor: Pastor Matt Kottman,