Course Catalogue

The Kitsap School of Ministry is committed to offering students a wide variety of ministry related courses that will equip and strengthen students in their ability to serve Christ and be a blessing to the community. Each course is several weeks long and is taught by a different instructor. Students will complete all courses before completing the program, with the goal of having well-rounded ministry training.

  • Current Course: Systematic Theology

    Instructor: Joshua Kluth

    MA Systematic Theology, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

    Course Description:

    The purpose of theology is ultimately for the worship and love of God. Theology is the commitment to seek understanding given all that God has done for us in Christ. It is a commitment to worship God in the splendor of his majesty. And to this end, Systematic Theology is meant to guide our thinking on current topics. It is our aim to help you understand how theology flows from the drama of Scripture, leads to worship and praise, and equips us to live out our discipleship with humility and confidence.

Spring 2022 Courses:

Systematic Theology

(January 20-March 10)

Instructor: Josh Kluth, PSNS


(March 17-April 14)

Instructor: TBD

Evangelism and Discipleship

(April 21-May12)

Instructor: TBD

Other Courses:

Planning and Vision

Instructor: Bart Lesco, Youth for Christ

Ministry and People pt. 2 (Community & Care)

Instructor: Pastor Peter Voorhees, City Chapel of Bremerton

Ministry and People pt. 1 (Counseling)

Instructor: Dr. Kimberly Riley, You are Beautiful Marriage and Family Therapy

Defending the Faith

Instructor: Dr. Phil Fernandes

Church History

Instructor: Josh Lott, Kitsap School of Ministry


Instructor: Brandon Bee, Singer/Songwriter

Leader's Time/Spiritual Formation

Instructor: Dr. Valerie Clemen, Multnomah University

Summer Practicum

Instructors: Peter Bertella, Head Program Manager at Salesforce & Andrea Corbridge, Director of Operations at City Chapel


Instructor: Kyle Donn, Associate Pastor at Peninsula Bible Fellowship

Equipping and Evangelism

Instructor: Pastor Matt Kottman

Old Testament Survey

Instructor: Justin Thomas, Lead Pastor at Calvary the Hill Seattle

New Testament Survey

Dr. Jon Gee, US Navy Retired